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How to search the distributors records.

In order to conduct searches of the records on this website you need to understand how the records have been ordered and indexed.

Due to the way the records were originally presented to me, with some already being 'ordered', there are some minor differences between the files.  Therefore, for chips containing monograms other than straight forward 'initials' there may be a couple of places to check.  See below.

Each distributors page contains a grid index for records starting with each letter of the alphabet and also a 'Non Alpha' file.  The Non Alpha files contain monograms consisting of symbols, monograms starting with a numeric or other non-alpha character and monograms starting with a '$' symbol (only for those with the same monogram on both sides).

Clicking within the grid index will open the relevant PDF file.  Some of these files are large and can take some time to open depending on your computer and connection speed.

Each PDF file has an index.  This can be viewed by selecting the 'Bookmarks' tab to the left.  The index is not a comprehensive index of all records, it is merely to assist you in paging through large parts of the file by a single click.  Select the bookmark which is nearest to the record you are searching for and then scroll up or down as appropriate.  In the future I may attempt to fully index every file but this is a very time consuming task.

IMPORTANT NOTE - If you have downloaded or are already using Adobe Reader Version 8, you will see the product has changed and there are now 'icons' on the left hand side.  Use the 3rd icon down to reveal the index for each page.  Ignore the thumbnail icon as there are no thumbnails and they would be too small to read anyway.

For cards bearing different monograms on both sides (other than denominations) I have, where practical, included a copy of the record in both places.  Similarly, where a card with is 'linked' to another with a different monogram, either a copy of the card or a relevant notation has been made.

I have tried to ensure all the records are in strict alphabetical order subject to the exceptions below. There are a few records (mainly Taylor) that are slightly out of order so it would be worth checking a couple of records either side if you dont find what you are looking for.

Records that may require a search in more than one place.

Symbols (pictures) - Will either be found in the non-alpha section in alphabetical order of what the symbol is, or within the main records in the same order, e.g. a 'Clock' symbol could be in a 'C' file.

'A<>C', 'A&C', 'A-C' etc. for example - Will either be found at the beginning of the 'A' file (immediately after single letter 'A') or later in the file under 'AC'

A monogram beginning 'THE', e.g. 'THE MARLOW CLUB' will either be under 'M' as in 'Marlow Club, The' or under 'T' as 'The Marlow Club'

Please also remember that the records are presented by 'distributor' rather than by mold.  Distributors often supplied chips on other distributors molds (particularly Taylor & Co.).  The index page for each distributor describes and pictures which molds may be found within their records.

Note also that some records are annotated as 'with inlays' or 'with tracers'.  This means 'with inserts'.  The few records for inlaid chips are generally marked 'Burt checks'.


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